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Updating the Web Site

After a few years of serving us well, it is time to revamp the web site.

The question is what should it look like?
Should we stay on the current platform or move to something like WordPress

Some things we need to have

  1. The Calendars for walks, gatherings, going forth etc
  2. Place for newsletters and documents
  3. A password protected area for resources

Some nice to have

  1. Document Management for the National Board and Communities
  2. Lots of Storage
  3. Easy Management of the pages
  4. Sharing on Social Media

What are your thoughts about this? Please help by entering in the conversation


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Thought I’d start a new post so we can introduce ourselves
My name is Bruce, I am currently the Web master for the National Emmaus Board as a support person, more affectionately known as IT Geek
I was a pilgrim on Western Sydney Walk 9 in 1993 on the Table of Thomas.
I have been involved in many roles during my 20 years of Emmaus

Emmaus Web Calendars

The events calendar on the Emmaus Australia web site is derived from all the community events.

Typically there are three types of events

  • Walks, flights or Strolls
  • Gatherings
  • Going Fourth Days.

To enter the details you need to go to the events page on your communities page and create the dates for the events.
Go to the events page in site admin, select the event and add the event select the start and end dates and save. Add details of the events in the body section even links to forms, mas etc


Web Admin

if you are using Internet Explorer 8  and above you need to run it in compatibility mode
Chrome and Firefox appear not to have this issue