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Emmaus Web Calendars

April 1, 2013

The events calendar on the Emmaus Australia web site is derived from all the community events.

Typically there are three types of events

  • Walks, flights or Strolls
  • Gatherings
  • Going Fourth Days.

To enter the details you need to go to the events page on your communities page and create the dates for the events.
Go to the events page in site admin, select the event and add the event select the start and end dates and save. Add details of the events in the body section even links to forms, mas etc


  1. Peter O'Loghlin permalink

    If your community is planning to hold a Going Fourth Day and you don’t have a page for Going Fourth days, you can create such a page. Add it as a Calendar page under your Coming Evemts page. Note that the title of the page must be exactly “Going Fourth” (not “Going Fourth Days” or “Going Forth” etc) or it won’t be aggregated into the national calendar. See section 3.3 in the Website Maintenence Manual, which can be downloaded from the Leadership page.

    Don’t forget to go in every now and then and clear out old events entries. The system will automatically suppress the display of events whose date is past, but we don’t want years and years worth of old events clogging up the system!

  2. Charles Probin permalink

    Hi all – Isn’t it a Going Forth Day, not a Going Fourth Day?

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