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Updating the Web Site

November 25, 2014

After a few years of serving us well, it is time to revamp the web site.

The question is what should it look like?
Should we stay on the current platform or move to something like WordPress

Some things we need to have

  1. The Calendars for walks, gatherings, going forth etc
  2. Place for newsletters and documents
  3. A password protected area for resources

Some nice to have

  1. Document Management for the National Board and Communities
  2. Lots of Storage
  3. Easy Management of the pages
  4. Sharing on Social Media

What are your thoughts about this? Please help by entering in the conversation

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  1. graham burgan permalink

    clear and easy demarcation between pages for public promotion, community info and board support. somewhere to provide training, prayer request community and general. maybe some kind of threats where people can have discussion and feedback on emmaus type topics, local national and international.

    • Thanks Graham, this is certainly a thought provoking comment.
      Ah I just realised that threats is probably threads, so a blog, one from the NSD would be great 🙂
      Shared via Facebook and twitter etc
      buy in from communities, perhaps a role associated with the board around social media

      • graham burgan permalink

        predictive text on tablets come up with all kind of words, Bruce

  2. Easy management is a big one for me – most people aren’t that technically minded, so something that is easy to update is a big plus.

  3. Hi Bruce,
    Tried to post a comment and the site wanted me to login so here is the comment

    I suspect that when the current website look an feel was created things like instagram, facebook..did not exist for were not as prominent. What ever we do needs to be a constantly evolving process and not a once off change.
    My main issues with the current site are
    – it’s dated and it looks dated
    – the front page is not flashy enough so does not grab your attention. It looks the same as it did 5 years ago. The front page is the main entry point and it needs to draw people in.
    – we don’t have a blog/news section so the latest notices/news cannot easily be displayed. ie: board annoncements, next gathering, walk applications closing
    – navigation is not intuitive. The use of “quicklinks” on the front page would help. This would give one click access to rosters, calendar, walk applications

    The new site/design needs to address the above issues plus
    – allow email addresses to be maintained in one place. At the moment a persons email address might be spread through out the site. ie: rainbow reunion group lease, IT board rep
    – accept online walk applications and credit card payments. The application data should flow into a back end database for the registrar
    – allow communities freedom to alter the master design for their site
    – publish to website = publish to facebook and twitter + other new social media as it evolves

    Nice to have
    – community database
    – rostering capability
    – 3 day vigil sign up
    – email reminders

    Steve McGrath

  4. I’m not sure if this is the type of comment you’re looking for, but I’d like to see a self-contained section to which sponsors can direct potential pilgrims. This section would contain information that would be helpful for pilgrims, such as telling them what the aim of the Walk is, who/what they can expect on the weekend, a promotional video (an Australian one please), testimonials, and the various communities’ Walk dates (and maybe Gatherings?). It would be a section that sponsors and pilgrims could view together or separately. I think we need this dedicated section because starting from any home page immediately introduces jargon – and the National home page has a fundraising appeal on it which would make me wonder about how often I’d be asked for money

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